18 Amazing Outdoor Kitchen Designs with Fireplace Ideas

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It is perfect to eat your meal outside when the weather is nice. Outdoor kitchen designs also allow you to prepare your meals and then enjoy the food there under the warm sun or the shade of a big tree in your backyard. At night, you can still there while stargazing. Of course, there are many designs when it comes to the outdoor kitchen. The options are endless and therefore it can be very confusing to choose the best one. For this reason, we are here to help. We have collected some of our favorite kitchen pictures for the outdoor space. We hope that the photos can inspire you more if you have a plan to make it.

To start, you can create a pergola with a dark wood finish. This feature will make your outdoor kitchen looks adorable and classic. Additionally, you can support the kitchen with orange tones as the southwest flair that will tell everyone about the desert. Meanwhile, the presence of stainless steel is more than enough to create a striking look. The countertops will be best with the presence of tiles in darker red. Bright colored tiles are also great to give a pop of color. Once you are ready with it, it is the time to add an outdoor griddle and sink for the outdoor kitchen designs.

Outdoor kitchen designs offer peaceful feeling if you go with a casual style. It means that you can add visual interest by adding corrugated tin. Make sure that you are not doing too much to decorate the space. For example, it is better to use an oak wood countertop. Other than that, you can find a string of outdoor lights for the top of your outdoor kitchen.
Those are all things you should know about outdoor kitchen designs. Anytime you need more inspirations, you can check our gallery.

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