30+ Fantastic White Kitchen Design Ideas

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White kitchen design looks perfect to complete your home. As you know that kitchen design is important. As a mom, we spend most of our time to cook in this area. Additionally, the kitchen becomes the favorite place for family and friends to enjoy their meals. You can even create memories from here, too. Therefore, it is not something too much if you hear that some people said the kitchen is the heart of your home. So, make sure that you do everything carefully when it comes to kitchen remodel.

Gladly, when you choose a white kitchen as your best choice, there are many interesting white kitchen ideas to follow. You can follow and get some inspirations from the galleries we have compiled here. So, what can you do to work with white for your kitchen? Michelle Gage, an interior designer explained that you can start decorating a white kitchen with a Moroccan style. To start, you will need the right backsplash such as Moroccan tiles with fish scale look. After that, you may support the space by adding brass accents for the kitchen faucet and cabinet hardware.

Additionally, you can make white kitchen design in vintage modern style. This is a charming way to create something perfect from the combination of new and salvaged materials. After that, you can support it with a pendant light that has a brass finish, hexagon tiles made of marble and a white refrigerator to create a retro look.

White kitchen ideas also help you create a glamorous kitchen style. What you can do is by using a white cabinet. Next, complete it with brass hardware for a beautiful look. After that, you should complete the top with a bold pink accent for the pendant light. So, it is simple to go with white. White makes all colors can go with it. All that you need is to choose the right one that inspires you most!

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