37+ Exciting Small Backyard Playground Landscaping Ideas

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One part of the house that you cannot forget and is important is the home yard. Good for the front yard or backyard. This home yard has the function as a green area and also as a gathering and playing area for your family. Its location outside of course makes the outside or exterior of your home more attractive to look at. In this case, having a good outdoor landscape design will certainly have a positive effect on homeowners. For those who love nature and architecture, of course this design can be considered. Designing landscapes is not only a place of observation but also used to enjoy the natural scenery offered by your home. A place full of greenery will certainly be suitable for relaxation and refreshing from the fatigue of daily activities.

Designing landscapes in a modern style certainly requires attention to several things. If the landscape to be designed is the front yard of the house, then the design must present a “welcoming” atmosphere and in accordance with the exterior of the house so that they complement each other. But it will be different for the backyard landscape of the house. In the backyard, the landscape needs to be designed comfortably so it is suitable for relaxation and gathering together. The design also must be ensured not to make people feel cramped or cramped inside. You can add a nice little playground there so that it can be a perfect place to gather with friends or family such as Lake Neighborhood, San Francisco design.

The backyard for this house was designed with its use. For homeowners who have children aged 3 years and 9 months, the yard is designed for child growth and development. The existence of an open play area is a good place for children’s growth. Playful design is applied by designing simple and modern terraced grass. The grass area can be used to play safely by children. There are also lounges and benches where parents can relax or watch their children play. That’s all and thanks.

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