42+ Cozy Small Living Room Remodel Ideas

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A warm and comfortable living room but also beautiful in its arrangement would certainly be the dream of today’s home residents. Then if you only have a small living room in your house, don’t worry about that. Here there are some tips for you to make your small living room warm and cozy, they are as follows:

1. Attach a mirror to give a broad impression
Surely you are quite familiar with the concept of mounting mirrors in restaurants and coffee shops around you. Yes, the trick to using this mirror is to give a broad impression to a narrow room and is not something new. Well, this concept is perfect for you who have a small living room to make it look spacious and comfortable.

2. If you can, choose a wall that is directly facing the window in your living room, this is done so that the mirror can reflect the natural light from outside. Alternatively, you can also experiment with the lights and arrangement of furniture in the small living room.

3. Avoid using sofa that are too large
Although it tends to be considered to take up too much space, the existence of a sofa in the small living room has become practically mandatory. For those of you, who have a small living room, please avoid to using a sofa that is too big. To get a minimalist impression, you can choose a sofa with two or three seats only. You can mix the sofa chairs with a small coffee table, both made of glass or wood motif.

4. Add indoor plants for a beautiful impression in a small living room
The presence of plants in your small living room will certainly beautify the room. In this case, choose green plants whose survival is not too dependent on sunlight.

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