48 + Comfy Modern Coastal Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas

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Coastal bedroom decorating theme is an ideal option to choose if you want to bring laid back beach vibes or reminisce favorite vacation into your space. This theme is simply calming and stylish. It could be achieved by using interior palette colors such as blues, green, or white with matching texture and timber. Despite looking relaxed and casual, it could bring some nature display impressively at the same time at the same time. The feeling of being near a beach would be undeniable even if you are not living close to the ocean, making it a definite popular design choice for any room in the house such as the nurseries or kids’ play room, including the master bedroom.

To achieve beach design bedroom decorating, there are no rigid and hard rules to follow. It mostly accomplished by mixing a bit worn out furniture, a lot of coastal color palette, various fitting motifs and texture to create the peaceful and casual feeling. Those will remind you of the shore waves, ocean life, fun beach sport, and anything related to that. The motifs don’t even have to obviously represent beach atmosphere, you can combine decoration that subtly show the coast spirit, breezy and cool tint, the serene scene, fluid air, and casual tone.

There are plenty of bedroom decorating ideas to use as inspirations and rough guidelines. The natural overall look is brought by using natural elements and materials such as rattan, wood, or bamboo. As mentioned above, coastal themed color scheme is perfect for the wall. The watery blue, greenish blue, pale turquoise, coral, clean white, and sandy brown are the common shade you may want to use. But do not hesitant to go experimental with accent wall as the focal point of the room. For example, use underwater life motif wallpaper.

Adding personal touch to the room is also important. To preserve the modern feeling, then add a gallery wall with sea life theme, such as the images of your favorite ocean creatures. A framed or bottled sea shell is one of the most popular bedroom decorating ideas. Using repurposed furniture is also one way to create uniqueness while staying in a budget. Give small makeover to your old cabinet or nightstand or look for one in flea market. There are a lot of decorative pieces available in the market to create the beach-inspired bedroom, so try to mix and match things to get the gorgeous coastal impression.

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