78+ Comfy Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

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The farmhouse living room is always appealing. In recent years, the style is getting more popular. The use of neutral colors, rustic antique details, and cozy design are always the highlight of this style. The most important thing to create a farmhouse living space is about choosing the right furniture. Make sure that you support the space by adding comfortable and casual couches.

Other than that, it is good to know that you must add natural decor elements, including barn wood coffee tables to help others identify the style you added into your living space. To start, you can use linen or colored cotton slipcovers. Also, it is good to start adding farmhouse living room decor ideas by using French country pillows. Well, it looks great if you do not mind to walk around a thrift store to seek for things to add to your living room.

It does not mean that when you create a farmhouse living room, means you must live in a rural area. It is still possible to have this design style even though you are living in a modern apartment. What you should do is to create a cozy look. To start, make sure that you are using a simple color scheme and rustic antiques.

It is possible to create a shabby chic living room with rustic patterns and colors. To begin with, it is good to add a dark wood floor with a rug in white and gray to give a Moroccan feel. Next, complete it with a comfortable couch or a daybed with some pillows and blankets. The iconic sign of the farmhouse living room can be by adding green plants and vintage windows.

Even better, you can create a beautiful farmhouse design for your living space by using gray walls, brown accents, and light-colored rugs. For more inspiration, we recommend you to check our gallery.

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