26+ Inspiring Bathub Caddy Design Ideas

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Bathtub caddy or bathtub tray can be very useful. This is what you need when you want to enjoy bathing. This caddy is the best partner especially for those who love reading some books. Surely it is a relaxing activity and therefore, a caddy can be a perfect match to make sure that your book will never get wet. The tray lets you lay back and then sit comfortably.

Additionally, a bathtub caddy means that you have a laconic tray with a black-and light shade made of plywood along with brass hardware. The design is chic that makes it perfect for a minimalist or masculine bathroom design. Surely, it will support the things you need. Best of all, it is possible for you to have this kind of bathroom caddy through your DIY project.

If we talk about the trend at this time, the trend goes to acryl or clear Lucite. Many people choose this bathtub caddy as the best addition to the bathroom because of the modern look. Well, it is also possible for you to make this caddy as your DIY project. To make this Lucite caddy, make sure that you support with brass handles. This is good enough to give a chic and stylish look with a modern design to complete your bathroom. In fact, you can match the handles to your bathroom fixtures as the best way to achieve the chic look. It is a simple project that you can make at any time.

What if you have a rustic bathroom? Do you know the best way how to complete it? Well, you can try to make a rustic bath as a perfect match for the bathroom. It is great to have a DIY bathtub caddy made of wood. After that, you can add stainless steel as the handle to give a vintage touch.

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