30 Simple and Elegant Kitchen Design Inspiration

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Do you want to create an elegant kitchen design? You do not have to call a contractor to do so. In fact, designing your kitchen is about endless project. It likely never ends because the change is always there by the time. When you want to make your kitchen looks more elegant than the current design, it does not mean that you have to tear down everything there. You just have to maximize the space you have. Also, you can try with your creativity, something outside of the box.

If your kitchen has a small space, you can start with the paint. You should make space looks airy and open. What you need here is white tones for the countertops and kitchen cabinets. Also, you should paint bulky pieces just like the walls to create a camouflaged look.

It is also good to complete your kitchen design by going with the same color scheme. What we mean here is you should not make any sudden shifts from light to dark colors. It is good to create an illusion.

If you want to go with a dark and dim kitchen, it is okay but that is not a perfect option for a small kitchen. The dark and dim kitchen will create gloomy atmosphere. You need to have sheer curtains like remove the curtains entirely so the sunlight can go into your space. On the other hand, if you want to add your privacy, it is good to try to use curtains that still can let the sunshine in.

Even better, you need to choose the right kitchen lighting. If you want to have an elegant kitchen, make sure that the lighting can create a dramatic look such as using a chandelier. It is okay to go with pendant light since it will also highlight to focal point in your kitchen. You need a pendant light above a kitchen island. If you need more kitchen design inspiration, check it out here.

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