33+ Top Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Do you want to design a modern farmhouse kitchen? Well, there are many interesting ideas, in which each of the ideas has the same three things. Of course, it is all about using modern features, industrial accents and rustic elements. When you can combine these three things, then you will have a warm and inviting kitchen design.

The first thing to consider is the color scheme to complete your kitchen. Well, it is true that there are no tight rules about the colors to create a modern farmhouse kitchen. But, any designers agree that the combination of black, white, and natural wood shades is the best winner. Here, it is possible for you to support your modern farmhouse kitchen decor with black cabinets, white countertops, and walnut kitchen island.

Other than that, you may try for something different. For example, you can try white tiles, simple cabinets, and hand-hewed barn for the beams to make the kitchen looks more inviting than ever. The kitchen island in mint green looks great to complete distressed faux design for a relaxed and stylish modern farmhouse kitchen design.

Next, it looks perfect if you can add a copper accent in your kitchen. In fact, metal is the best way to complete your decor style. Metal can work with other styles, as well. So, it is amazing if you have copper lamps with an industrial style to add to your farmhouse kitchen. This is what you need to add a little warmth and shine to space. Other than that, you can use wrapped range hood made of wood, herringbone tile floor, reclaimed wood shelves, and vintage cabinetry.

Need more ideas? Do not worry. It is okay we have collected some pictures of modern farmhouse kitchen d├ęcor in our gallery. Just take a look and find some more inspirations to get more ideas to decorate your kitchen.

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