40+ Cozy Coastal Living Room Decor and Design Ideas

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Beach becomes perfect place to enjoy holiday. Even if it is just short break, it will be more than enough to enjoy the view of beach and other activities. Of course, it will be perfect when there is also coastal living room as good space to enjoy the beautiful view. Related to living room, there are some good references of coastal living room design. They are good ideas in case you want to have your own coastal living room.

There are many good examples and references of living room with coastal theme. For instance, there is simple living room with minimalist design. In term of accessories and furniture, it is surely simple. However, it really becomes the right spot to enjoy the beach because the room gets the direct access to see the beach. In this case, the living room has big windows and door, and all of them have transparent glasses. This is how the people inside the room can enjoy the great view of beach.

When talking about beach, it cannot be separated from sand. Vast area of sand becomes the iconic view. In this case, the next coastal living room design shows the good color tone that resembles the color of sand. The main color of living room is in pastel tones. It is not only in the area of wall, but the furniture also gets the same color. In order to make it more attractive, some furnishings show the white color. The pastel and white can blend well in this decoration. In term of design, it looks like common living room.

Wooden concept is another idea of living room design. This living room looks so attractive. The whole area and construction uses wood. Most of the woods have the same color tone and these all show the natural tone of wood. There are actually some kinds of furniture. In term of frames, they also have the wooden material, but the pillows on furniture have different color. It makes the room more attractive due to its color combination.

Actually, there are still many references of decoration ideas. In this case, actually there are no specific rules on how to decorate the coastal living room. Mostly, it is more about the comfort to enjoy the beach. For the color tone, living room can use colors that resemble the element of beach. By doing so, it is like bringing the vibe of beach into living room design.

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