40 Good DIY Bedroom Canopy for Those Renting Apartment

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Canopy for bed is a piece used to create privacy and keep warmth. In the past, only rich people from upper class could afford this furniture as it is seen as status symbol. It is made exclusively with customizable design and plenty of details, which made it unique and special to the owner. But these days, almost anyone can afford the canopy including people who own limited space, such as bedroom apartment. The high-end and luxurious feeling is remaining still. It would transform any room into having sophisticated feeling.

Canopy beds are the fabric draped on the bed all over the sides and the tops. It is usually decorated with tassels or some details to add the aesthetic. The models are ranging from the sheer and simple to the posh and deluxe style. If you want to add the affordable one into your bedroom apartment, there are cheap options and some that you can decorate or build one your own. Making a DIY canopy sometimes is better than buying one because you are able to match the fabric with the interior style or modify the model according to your liking. Plenty of inspirations are available online to get you the idea.

Some ideas below might help you to select the suitable one. Contemporary style for instance, is perfect for people who love minimalism, with clean cut and modern shape. It gives enough open space to let the air and light flow through the room. If you’d like the elegance and classy one, look out for Victorian era inspired canopy with drapery made from heavy materials. It will make you feel like you sleep in a royal chamber in a mid-century. For more magical energy, opt for unusual models with fairytale feeling. Create the canopy for your bedroom apartment, from wooden branches.

To create DIY project for canopy bedroom apartment and save your budget, you may want to consider few things first. Achieve the look by using L-shaped rod with and hang a normal drapery. Using a hanging curtain is also a way to cut some allocation. Add a string light to the ordinary looking canopy to make it look more stunning. It is also better to choose simple framed styles such as a crown, single ring, or without frame canopy. For the fabric, you are free to choose traditional textile like silk or velvet, or more fun fabric like calico or muslin.

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