46+ Amazing Mid Century Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

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When you want to decorate your living room, plenty of ideas and themes are available. One of them is the mid-century theme. As its name, this is decoration style in mid-century era. Mostly, the room has glamorous sense, attractive looks, and of course the fireplace. The design looks great for those who love the old and artistic look. However, nowadays, it may be less popular to have the mid-century look, so this is combined with modern look. Related to this, you are able to get modern living room decor ideas as the nice reference.

Modern and mid-century look may show different timeline in term of era. However, it does not mean that the style and theme can be combined. The combination can create nice look since the artistic and gorgeous look of the mid-century style can be combined with the simple and contemporary touches. In this case, actually you may find various ideas of the modern living room d├ęcor. It will not be too difficult to find the nice ideas and references.

For the first reference, a living room looks simple yet attractive with its modern mid-century style. The room has light tone of color. The room has neutral look with its light brown color. It makes the room look nice and spacious. For its flooring, it uses wooden floor. This becomes one of the elements of mid-century style, yet it is brought into lighter shade of wooden color. It blends well to create light and simple color tone in the room. In term of furniture, the living room gets comfy sofas in great color. It uses the combination of grey and blue. This surely becomes one of the great modern living room decor ideas.

The second idea has different color tone. It uses bolder and darker color tone. It still uses the wooden element, and its dark tone comes from the wood panel and furniture. Then, it gets wooden flooring. However, the room gets big windows and it provides good natural illumination. This makes the room attractive. In term of furniture, it gives contrast of color. It has sofas in bright and popping-out colors, such as pink and light blue. The shapes of sofa are also artistic to show the mid-century element.

These ideas can give great reference of living room decoration. The combination of mid-century and modern style can be implemented in many factors, including the colors. Moreover, the styles are brought into the designs of furniture. The modern living room decor ideas can be picked based on your personal preference, and it is fine to make your own combination.

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