52 Amazing Luxury Black Kitchen Design Ideas

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The design of the kitchen as one of the important place that exist in a house actually must be given more attention to various elements. Elements of motion comfort, furniture layout, ease of maintenance, and good lighting and air circulation. Before designing the kitchen, we must know the habits of the ‘cook’ who will use the kitchen; the patterns of movement, the order of cooking, and stature. If you plan to give something different to your kitchen decor, try giving a touch of dark shades like black.

The minimalist concept in shades of black has the potential to liven up the impression of elegance and luxury in the kitchen. You can plan a dark black kitchen design while adjusting to the kitchen designation needs that you want.

Not only the walls, black can also be applied to other elements. The application of black in the kitchen does not have to always be on the wall paint. You can combine wood and black shades like this kitchen design. Dark color is more dominant in the table and other furniture.

Black and white can always be a mainstay. Minimalist kitchen decor black and white concept can create a cool and stylish impression that is not easily out of date. Black is applied to walls and floor tiles combined with white on counters, drawers and kitchen cabinets. In order to add to the impression of luxury, granite is used on the kitchen table. Don’t forget to add flower vase decorations to enhance your kitchen appearance.

Minimalist all-black kitchen design. The white color is often relied upon to give the impression of relief in a small kitchen room. However, that does not mean your creativity is only limited to one color. You can apply dark shades to your minimalist kitchen. So as not to seem gloomy, you can add brightly colored elements.

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