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Eclectic balcony is a design that’s well-loved by a lot of people. It gives them freedom and creativity to customize the space they like it. It allows the owner space to mix match across different style. For instance, you may have modern looking space but want to create cozy feeling with warm toned colors, or you may want to combine rustic elements to the contemporary room. The design gives a breath of fresh air due to its versatility and flexibility. To create special and beautiful outdoor space without looking disorganized, you need to take some ideas and inspiration from the internet.

Before you dip into the design, it is better to get the grip of the term first. Eclectic is a popular style in the interior and exterior design world, meaning to create a room decoration by comprising distinctive elements, be it a different colors, textures, styles, trends, or time periods. However, just because there is two or more character merged doesn’t mean it gets to be chaotic. You have to build the contrast of your eclectic balcony nicely even without unifying motifs or themes. To make it short, it is the style that marries new and old style, classic and modern, ancient and contemporary, simple and fanciful, or serious and fun.

Decorating an eclectic balcony can be a bit challenging. There are some tips on how to approach the style successfully. First, obviously you need to mix things to match, as an essential part of the aesthetic. Add both smooth and rough textures while staying in a consistent color palette. It is easy to confuse about what textures, colors, and patterns you should use to make the most out of the balcony, but what’s not less important is the layout or the placement. Create a floor plan about what furnishing or decorative piece you want to incorporate before laying them out.

Even if there are so many possibilities and independence on deciding what to put on the eclectic balcony, never forget to prioritize consistency. It is important to create flow on the space and avoid it being disjointed. It is not advised to go toss and throw, because putting few different styles within the space can create random feelings, which you certainly want to avoid. Also, do not give up if the outcome didn’t go as you expect in the first place. There’s always room and time to try something new. Let the decoration completed first and get used to live with it for a while.

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