55 Good Solution Minimalist Foyers Decorating Ideas

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The entrance area, also known as the foyer, is one area that can give a first impression of your home. That’s because arranging this area is also very important. Yes, because the foyer is the first area that welcomes everyone who enters the house. The decoration, both the color and interior style in the entrance area, of course, must be the one that gives a warm, comfortable and functional impression. Even so, some people often have difficulty when designing foyers. For that see some tips that can help you decorate a warm foyer to welcome guests.

Reflecting Personality. If likened to a book, the foyer is the first page for the house. Then make sure the contents look functional and reflect your personality. Also adjust the size of the foyer with the area of the house. There are also those who arrange it more closed by giving a partition divider to the living room, there are also some that make it open into their own room.

Ideas for Making Storage in the Foyer. Even though they have prepared shoe racks or jacket hangers, the foyer is easy to look messy because of the footwear storage area such as shoes and sandals. To prevent this, sort the items that you use the most or prepare a large enough rack. Thus the foyer can still look neat and efficient.

Floor Coating Ideas. There are several ideas that you can choose when you want to decorate the floor. But it must be remembered that as the first area to be stepped on, the foyer floor is also often passed by people to get in and out of the house. So if you want to coat the carpet, choose a material that is sturdy and durable.
For other tips in order to make your foyer good looking, just find many references.

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