21 Stunning Apartment the Divides Rooms Creatively Design Ideas

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After a long day, what you want to do perhaps is a great place to sleep or relax. Sadly, living in a studio means that you will sleep, eat, and work there. It is because the biggest challenge of living in a studio apartment is about how you can multiple the rooms when you only have one. So, it is good to start hiring an incredible designer to start. Other than that, we recommend you to try for some simpler things. There are some hacks you can do so you will have some living areas in this small studio apartment.

First, it is good not to take a divider. It is about how you can maximize the space. Make sure that you have decided on the corners of the areas of the studio. So, this space is for bedroom, meanwhile, others are for the dining room, kitchen, and living room. Once you have set the areas, it is time to start grouping. In this case, you are ready to buy some furniture for each space. So, each area has its function. Make sure that you also provide the entryways. Keep in mind that the floor plan is still accessible so you can go back and forth easily.

Since you want to maximize the space, you should find a practical solution. This is a better way than others. Make sure that you have bookshelves and set it perpendicular to a single wall. You will use it as the divider for the living areas. After that, you can use it as the additional storage space in this apartment. It is okay if the bookshelves are not as long as tall as the ceiling. But, it is good to go with tall bookshelves to create an illusion. For the rest, you can check our gallery to start working with it!

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