30 Good DIY Burlap Backed Bookcase

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Perhaps, you just revamp your family room with a fireplace that also has several built-in bookcases. If so, it is time to create your DIY project. In this case, you want to line the back of the bookcases by using burlap. When you are doing this, you may be a little bit worry that you will add too much pattern or color that will make the shelves look less interesting.

So, you can use burlap to complete the back of the bookcases. Here, it is possible to use the small upholstery and then tack them around the edges. This is good to make sure that the small upholstery to anchor to the bookcase. By doing this, you will have a small upholstery to tack around the edges of the bookshelf. After that, you can anchor the upholstery to the bookcase to give a decorative detail.

Before trying this project, make sure that you have all the materials you need such as burlap with 3-inch wider and longer compared to your bookcase. Also, make sure that you have a tack hammer or tacks for steel upholstery.

Once you have prepared everything already, it is the time to cut the burlap with 4-inch longer and 4-inch wider compared to the back of the bookcase. If the burlap has wrinkles, we recommend you to iron them out. Fold and then make sure that the ironed edge is straight. After that, you can measure and track the burlap by using the hammer.

So, that is all you should know about how to use burlap for a bookcase. It is good to know that and it is an amazing experience to enjoy. If you need more inspirations, do not forget to check our gallery. We have a lot of picture that will help you get more inspirations easily. Even better, you can try for your little creativity.

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